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Costa Cruises, after 17 years, again proposes a historical itinerary

The Costa Deliziosa set to depart on her around-the-world cruise

Costa Cruises, after 17 years is again proposing a truly unique adventure: the historical “Around-the-World Cruise”. The Costa Deliziosa, one of the most modern and exclusive ships in the Costa fleet, will depart from Savona (Italy) on a voyage that from December 28, 2011 to April 6, 2012 will allow guests to discover five continents, plying the seven seas, just like the great navigators of the past. The ship will circumnavigate the globe in 100 days, visiting 37 ports along the route and proposing 250 different excursions.

The Around-the-World cruise, which already sold out months prior to departure, will host about 2,300 passengers from around the world: more than half the guests will be Italian and German, along with numerous French and Spanish. In the wake of the tremendous success of this fascinating cruise, the company will also propose the itinerary in 2013, departing from Savona on January 6 and return to Savona on April 16, 2013, always onboard Costa Deliziosa. For 2012 Costa Cruises has already planned two other great cruises to discover 4 continents for travellers who are eager to explore the world from a unique viewpoint: the “Great Cruise to 4 continents” with the Costa Victoria; 72 days from Brazil to China, departing from Santos on March 7, 2012; the “Great Cruise to the other side of the World” on board the Costa neoRomantica; 107 days from Savona to New Zealand departing from Savona on September 19, 2012.

To celebrate the Costa Deliziosa’s departure, on December 28, 2011, lots of festivities involving the port and the Palacrociere in Savona have been planned. In fact, the cruise terminal and the port will be festooned with decorations related to the countries to be visited during the 100-day cruise. To re-enact the departures of the great cruises of the past, a brass band will perform as guests embark. In addition, more than 12,000 white handkerchiefs, with Costa logo, will be handed on the decks of the Costa Deliziosa and of the 2 other Costa ships mooring at the Palacrociere that day, and to people in the port, recreating a classic scene from the past during the ship’s departure. Guests will also feel all the wonder of that special atmosphere of the legendary overseas voyages as “Christopher Columbus” and “Queen Elisabeth” welcome them on board. The central lido of the ship will host a welcome party in costume with Neptune, the god of the seas, with the appointment as “Senators of the Sea” for guests who have already toured the world in the past. The festivities will culminate with the presentation of the “Angels of the Sea”, played by 20 young “around-the-world” guests, who will kick off the official start of the cruise.

Five theme-oriented parties, celebrations, shows and special initiatives will also be proposed during the various segments of the crossing that starting from Europe will continue to the Americas, Australia, the Far East and then back to Europe. The 30-day “Christopher Columbus” segment, starts from Savona continuing to France and Spain, then crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Madera, Antilles, Columbia, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, Mexico and California with S. Diego and Los Angeles.

From the Americas, the “James Cook” itinerary will allow guests on the Costa Deliziosa to discover S. Francisco, and the heavenly beaches and boundless landscapes of places like Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. The third and final segment, dedicated to “Marco Polo”, will let Costa Deliziosa’s guests visit the best of the Orient, with stops in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the Arab Emirates, Oman and Red Sea.

The 250 excursions during the itinerary will be organised to make the around-the-world cruise a unique and unforgettable experience: in addition to tours to discover the cities where the Costa Deliziosa will make calls, there will also be many multiple-day excursions inland. During the voyage it will be possible to experience all the excitement of helicopter flyover of the Grand Canyon, to tempt lady luck in Las Vegas casinos, take part in the traditional Polynesian dances in Honolulu, and visit the Pinnacles Desert of Perth, the Blue Mountains of Sydney and the mysterious monolith of Ayers Rock.

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