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Thailand promotes its designers to the hotel industry

Thailand Design & Objects Association, the Thailand Interior Designers Association and the Department of International Trade Promotion want to promote the incredible talents of Thai designers for the tourism industry. The inaugural Hospitality Objects Thailand Exhibition from October 19 to 23 will demonstrate how the incredible creativity of these designers can be used in tourism.

BANGKOK – Thailand has talents. But these talents do not often mix together. Question of culture and education where people do not always merge ideas or concepts from various fields of activities. However, there is at least an initiative which could pave the way to others: for the first time, talented designers will come together under one roof to promote themselves to the tourism industry. 
During Bangkok International Gift and Housewares Fair at BITEC from October 19 to 23, a dedicated area will showcase the latest creations of interior designers for the tourism and hospitality industry. Hospitality Objects Thailand (H.O.T.) will showcase some 10,000 objects covering furniture tableware, decoration, lighting or gastronomy. “This is a really exciting opportunity to showcase the creative talents of Thai designers. We want to exert greater influence upon decision-makers of the travel industry and H.O.T. gives a perfect platform for demonstrating that Thailand design DNA can work in any international market”, explained during a presentation in Bangkok Eggarat Wongcharit, CEO of Craft Factor and one of the most famous designers in the market. 
A special zone has been created for H.O.T. with the highlight being a ”FantAsia & Futuristic Hotel Space Design”, created in conjunction with the Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation. “It will show how young talents see all the functions of tomorrow hotels, from the bedroom to the library, from the bar area to the pool and spa”, highlighted Eggarat Wongcharit. 


An Thai Innovation Plus Design Cafe and a “Bistro FantAsia” will also be the places for events. The Bistro will invite famous Bangkok Chefs – including Christian Johann Kostner from Johann Bistro- demonstrate their skills to the public using innovative cooking utensils. 
Many hotels in Thailand have been using the talents of local designers in the last years. This has been the case for the D2 hotel in Chiang Mai or the Sofitel SO Bangkok. But so far, despite their recognized talents, few of these designers have been known beyond the Kingdom’s own boundaries. “They are some Thai designers who have already been working in Myanmar, Cambodia or Laos but mostly for Thai-owned properties. There is a great opportunity for young designers to make their way worldwide as the tourism industry is one of Asia’s most dynamic growth sectors”, told ML Pawinee Santisiri, President of the Design & Objects Association
Such a development would be all benefits for the Kingdom. Not only by showing worldwide the Thai essence of contemporary design today – a blend of restraint elegance, harmony and wit- but also a way to strengthen the craft sector in the country. Many of the objects created are using local resources. In a time of standardization and mass production, this will help preserving the craft heritage of Thailand.
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Luc Citrinot a French national is a freelance journalist and consultant in tourism and air transport with over 20 years experience. Based in Paris and Bangkok, he works for various travel and air transport trade publications in Europe and Asia.