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Thai Spa gears up for the World Market in ISPA 2006

A selection of Thai world-class spa products and concepts are set to be unveiled to the…

A selection of Thai world-class spa products and concepts are set to be unveiled to the global spa marketplace during the ISPA 2006 Thailand International Spa & Wellness Conference and Exhibition to be held on May 3-5, 2006 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Local Thai Spa Operators are optimistic and excited about the possibilities of showcasing their unique brands, ideas and products for the world to see when ISPA 2006 Thailand happens on May next year. More and more exhibitors from the Thailand Spa Industry are signing up with the organizers looking at the event as a global opportunity for them to finally soar to international opportunities in the Spa business.

Ananda Spa from Bangkok is among those who recently signed up as exhibitor. Based from remarks from its Spa Director Derrick Gooch, “Joining ISPA 2006 in Thailand will give us international exposure where we can meet new contacts and foreign clients.” He also said that, “Our company is eager to learn about the latest developments in the industry and the ISPA event will be a very good opportunity for this.”

Ananda Spa is one of the oldest spa establishments in Bangkok and its name was derived from the Sanskrit word meaning Harmony: in mind, body and soul. Given its location at Central Sukhumvit Area, this spa offers the spa resort ambience and experience in the midst of the busy city district.

Dr. Paiboon Pilun – owad Managing Director and Spa Consultant of Aroma Vera Spa shared his insight about this event. “It is our pleasure to have this event in Thailand and it shows that the government is very serious to support and promote Thailand to be a medical hub of Asia. Everyone knows Thailand for its excellent spa services. Then, ISPA 2006 will be the coming together of spa professionals and spa guru and learn new trends from each other. This is a very crucial opportunity for Thai operators to present their products and services to global market. Moreover, government involvement creates the perception that all size of spa operators are welcomed and all related products will have more confidence to be featured in this event.”

The Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ISMED) is the host for this year’s ISPA International Spa & Wellness Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok. ISMED is banking on this project to boost the entrepreneurship of the Thai People. The Spa and Health Industry of Thailand is one of the sectors that empower small and medium size businesses. Thailand is already known for its unique spa concepts called “the oriental wisdom” and the Thai Spa is recognized around the world. ISMED’s effort in this project is projected at a national campaign to promote business opportunities for the Spa Industry.

New research has identified Thailand’s spa industry was performing well even after the Tsunami. Survey of intelligentspas estimated an approximate 3.6 million visits were made to Thai spas during the 12 month period between July 2003 and June 2004, whilst average annual visitors per spa was up 43% compared to the previous period.

The Royal Thai Government sees vast potential in fast-tracking the development of Thailand`s spa and health-related services. The mission, spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Commerce, aims to firmly establish Thailand`s leadership position as the Spa and Wellness Capital of Asia. The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is co-hosting the ISPA Event and driving it as a major regional tradeshow.

TCEB Director General Peerapong Oeusoonthornwattana mentioned that, “The strong growth of foreign investments in the country as a global business hub and government support have encourage TCEB in association with the Ministry of Industry’s Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ISMED) to nominate Thailand as the Host country for ISPA 2006 which will be attended by 150 biggest international spa experts and consultants from over 20 countries. He further remarked that “Our aim is to promote social and economic cooperation and trade, provide business opportunities for spa operators and inspire operators in Thailand developed better products and services to meet global standards.”

To maximize this opportunity, TCEB is organizing a 2-day Hosted Buyer’s Program for ISPA 2006 which will be held on May 3 – 4, 2006. This will gather international spa buyers namely: spa operators, destination spa buyers, operators and agents, retailers, agents, professionals and consultants all over the world. All qualified buyers will be provided with complimentary air tickets, hotel accommodations and welcome cocktails. “The Hosted Buyers Program benefits the local Thai Spa Industry as an opportunity to meet direct overseas clients and develop new business. This is in line with our role in making Thailand not only as an important tradeshow base in Asia but also as a regional business hub,” Mr. Peerapong further remarked.

The ISPA 2006 Thailand Conference will serve as the forum to complement the trade and business happening at the exhibition floor. The conference will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about the ever expanding spa industry of Asia.

In 2004, Thai spas continued to register strong growth. Ministry of Public Health reported that the Thai Spa Industry generated 5.3 billion baht in revenue, exceeding the original target by nearly ten per cent. The 2005 revenue target is 6.7 billion baht, an increase of 26 per cent. The success of this event, along with Thailand’s positioning as the “Spa and Wellness Capital of Asia” is becoming a reality.

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