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ITE05- The 19th International Travel Expo Hong Kong

Survey Reveals Upbeat Trends for the Travel Industry

In a survey conducted during the two public days of the International Travel Expo Hong Kong this year, which was just ended on 12th June…

In a survey conducted during the two public days of the International Travel Expo Hong Kong this year, which was just ended on 12th June this year in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 86.2% of the respondents have made overnight leisure trips in the past twelve months, and 21.5% of them have made four or more such trips in the same period or 7.1% more than the finding in a similar survey last year. More of them have taken long haul trips than before with 9% been to Europe, up from 3.5%; 9.2% been to America and Pacific, up from 6%; and 6.9% been to Africa and Middle East, up from around 1% in previous survey.

The survey this year also found that 91% of the respondents plan to take vacation before the end of this year, up almost by 10% from before, and over 60% of all respondents will likely make two or more such vacations. When considering their future destinations, Europe has seen the biggest growth as 17.8% of the respondents have included it, which almost doubled the percentage that has been to Europe in the past twelve months.

The percentages of those preferring package tour and FIT remain respectively at 40% and 60%, but around 8% of the respondents prefer tailor-made tours, an emerging trend that likely will favor more the up market and/or theme travels. Results of the survey collaborate with exhibitors` remarks that businesses were good in ITE this year as 38.4% of the respondents have made bookings or purchases in the travel expo, up from 14.5% in similar survey last year.

The survey this year covered 1167 visitors out from a total of 56000 in the two public days of ITE05. The findings show that visitors this year were better educated with 59.3% having received post secondary education or above, up by 10.7% over that of the previous survey. There were more male visitors at 47.2%, up by 14.5% and was the highest percentage over the past three years. Over 90% of the visitors were satisfied with ITE this year. Significantly, 27.3% of them were very satisfied, a 5 times increase from 4.4% in previous survey.

In short, the survey`s findings indicate a continuation of the travel boom; increasing demand on long haul trips and/or theme travels so the up market segment will grow faster; and the importance of ITE either as a source of information for vacation planning or as a shopping opportunity has grown significantly.

The 19th International Travel Expo Hong Kong was held from June 9 to 12 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). It was being organized by TKS Exhibition Services Ltd., and supported by the China National Tourism Administration, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong and the Macau Government Tourist Office. The next ITE will be held from June 15 to 18, 2006 at HKCEC. For further detail or query, please visit the show website at, or contact the organizer by email at or by phone at (852) 3155 0600.

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