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Shopping accounted for 32% of total tourism consumption in Beijing last year

"Beijing Tourism Development Report 2013", an important indicator of tourism issues in Beijing was released by Beijing Tourism Bureau recently which highlighted the domain role of shopping in tourism consumptions.

BEIJING – Beijing Tourism Bureau released recently the “Beijing Tourism Development Report 2013” which shows that in 2012, shopping had contributed to a considerable 32% of the city’s total tourism consumption, reflecting a great demand of tourism related commodities in the market. The opening of first “Beijing gift” travel boutiques has undoubtedly enhanced the tourism shopping volumes in Beijing.

According to statistics provided by Beijing Tourism Bureau, during the year 2012, the city’s inbound tourists have spent an average $1,028 per person, within which shopping expenditures took up 23.5% of the total number while domestic tourists were giving 33% of their total cost on shopping, which ranked the highest among all the expenditure items.

During the period of 2012 “May 1st International Labour Holiday”, the first Beijing gift boutiques opened with a range of selected urban industrial products, traditional handicrafts, painting products, souvenirs, etc. presented to customers, offering visitors quality-assuranced shopping spots. So far, Beijing has achieved sales of over $ 50 million through those gift shops, in terms of which, the report also pointed out that, as the number of gift boutiques being increasing constantly, future emphasis would be put on creative works of art and other cultural products, thereby transforming them into tourism products.

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