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Qatar Airways denies interest in stake in SpiceJet

Airline clarifies recent claims related to an association with SpiceJet.

DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Airways issues this statement from its hub and headquarters in Doha, Qatar, in response to the recent comments related to SpiceJet, pertaining to a possible stake sale.
This release is to confirm that Qatar Airways is not in talks to pursue a commercial stake in SpiceJet. There is no interest from the airline to engage in a partnership with the Gurgaon-based airline.
Qatar Airways officially states that it is an inaccurate claim from news reports that, ‘’Qatar Airways is picking up a stake in SpiceJet’’.
Claims are also being made in news reports that a consensus has been reached regarding an interline agreement, and that negotiations are set to continue in the near future.
Qatar Airways presently does not have any form of interline agreement with SpiceJet, which is the simplest form of relations between any two airlines, and Qatar Airways is not planning to pursue any form of arrangement in the future.
This is not the first time that such claims have been made. Similar news was disseminated in January 2013, and this appears to be a tactic to increase market and share value.
These stake sale comments are unfounded and are believed to be deliberately spread to influence share valuations. 
The Doha-based airline has no further remarks on the matter.
Qatar Airways confirms that the only airline it is talking to is the Indian carrier Indigo.
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