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Pegasus drives Nikko Hotels’ online bookings

Following an aggressive online marketing campaign with Pegasus Solutions, Nikko Hotels has announced significant growth to the hotel group’s Web site. In a three-month period, the Japanese hotel chain has grown site visits from 57,339 to 83,112, crediting the increase to a comprehensive Web services program implemented by Pegasus.

The online campaign, launched to target Asian outbound traffic for Nikko, included a Pegasus provided Internet booking engine with NetBooker Web Analytics package and a search engine optimization service (SEO) powered through Trisept Solutions. Results for Nikko included an initial reservations increase of about 25 percent, and a steady month-to-month increase in Web site traffic, according to Rurie Yamada, assistant vice president, CRM Group, marketing strategy, sales and marketing for Nikko.

“We had very specific situations we needed to overcome when we embarked on this initiative with Pegasus, including direct sales challenges of language and culture, as well as sales offices limited by geography,” said Yamada. “With Pegasus’ comprehensive approach of implementing NetBooker to maintain multi-lingual bookings, SEO to drive traffic and Web Analytics to measure results, we experienced an immediate boost in bookings.”

“In today’s booking environment, it’s imperative hotels take an aggressive and strategic approach to driving and managing traffic on their Web sites,” said Tim Unwin Pegasus Vice President of Business Development and Reservation Services. “Nikko is an excellent example of a hotel company that had the foresight to take advantage of the Web services tools available to better understand their customers on a global scale. As a result, they have seen significant results.”

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