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Live it up during the bright and festive season at OneSiam with ‘OneSiam The Festival of Light’

Crytal Tunnel at Parc Paragon under the theme of The Festival Of Light

Enjoy daily celebration at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery

OneSiam is all about filling the festive season with joy and extraordinary experiences, introducing the special campaign “OneSiam The Festival of Light” by reigniting the winter holiday spirit, embellishing Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery with unique glowing and radiant lights, and attractive art installations unlike anywhere else, starting today until January 6, 2019. 

Siam Piwat’s Senior Executive Vice President, Mayuree Chaipromprasith stated cheerfully, “As OneSiam is the global destination among Thai and international shoppers and the beloved location to spend quality time and special occasions, this year Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery is introducing the special ‘OneSiam The Festival of Light’ campaign from today until January 6, 2019. It aims to encourage visitors to view OneSiam as the perfect location to celebrate this joyous and festive season together with their loved ones, where it is enhanced by countless number of glowing and colorful lights of hope and happiness — auspicious signs of what is to come in the next year.” 
‘One Siam The Festival of Light’ welcomes everyone to be astonished by the décor at OneSiam where Christoph Bullen, Siam Piwat’s Head of Visual Communication and Design who is in charge of the project, brings his inspiration of the northern light to apply to the overall design of the department stores, as if the aurora borealis were dancing in the night sky. The colors that he has selected include navy blue, green, and violet, all of which possess glimmering qualities which are to be the signature color tones used during this remarkable season. Meanwhile, the art installations which are located across OneSiam come in marvelous crystal shapes, inspired by glaciers in the north pole where the northern light can be discovered. In addition, Santa Claus’ little helpers like the elves and fairies are featured to bring extra elements of joy to OneSiam.

To surprise many during this holiday season, there is not only one Christmas tree, but three Christmas trees, each in its own style, reflecting each department store’s character. The Christmas tree at Siam Paragon, called the Crystal Tree, radiates bright rays of light like a diamond and is over 15m high. The tree also illuminates light and colors towards the Crystal Walk where visitors can experience in the amazing light tunnel in front of Siam Paragon on G Floor and M Floor, along with other stunning check in-worthy spots. 

At Siam Center – The Ideaopolis, visitors can witness a Christmas tree that epitomizes its trendsetting status with the Inspiration Christmas Tree which stands tall right in front of Rama I road. The tree is the latest byproduct of creativity and street art where it is formed from units of triangular prism into a shape of a pyramid, radiating lights based on specific themes. The Christmas tree is simply a preface to many more art installations in the first time exhibition in Thailand of the world-class visual artist Felipe Pantone inside Siam Center. Additionally, visitors can catch glimpses of the Elf Forest and Elf Village during the festive season. 

Siam Discovery – The Exploratorium, the true destination that is committed to its pledge of being eco-friendly, is introducing the Circular Living Recycled Christmas Tree to implore visitors to be more conscious about our environment and ecosystem. The tree is produced from reused materials including thousands of CD cases forming this massive tree of 10m high, garnished with décor lights. Visitors are welcomed to creatively decorate the tree with recyclable materials of their own. For those looking for memorable gifts, Siam Discovery is the destination to explore as it holds some of the finest selections of personalized gift and accessory products and its supporting campaign, ‘Siam Discovery Gift To’ is the perfect solution to finding lifestyle gifts to any recipient groups. 

Another unmissable highlight of the phenomena at OneSiam is ‘Siam Paragon Celebrate the Festival of Light 2019’ only between December 14 – 31, 2018 where an ensemble of elves come together to welcome and bring joy to all shoppers. In addition, between December 24 – 31, 2018, let your eyes feast on visual performance shows from troupes with over 40 members traveled across from Belgium, Italy, and The Netherlands to perform:   

  • Bike Parade by Theater Tol performers (Belgium) where it infuses classic tales with stunt bike performances. Daze into your imagination as the troupe show off their pirouette as they parade in both daytime and nighttime — both giving drastically different but spectacular vibes. 
  • The Romantic Carillion (Italy) is brought all the way from Rome has played in more than 17 coutnries worldwide. The show pivots around a piano performance, complemented by graceful dance from its ballerina crew. The performance features classic songs delivered by its lead pianist playing on his great white piano to convey romantic vibes.
  • Danzanti by Teatro Pavana (The Netherlands) where artists, or known as senoritas, elegantly perform swift dance moves to upbeat tunes. Donned in hot red silk outfit for fluid movement, each performer delivers energetic and charismatic moves to showcase one’s personality.

On the night of the great countdown, on December 31, 2018, celebrate New Year with Thailand’s leading artists Popetorn Soonthornyanakij, Jetrin Wattanasin, and Burin Boonvisut who will make it a night to remember at Park Paragon. On top of that, get ready to count down to 2019 in the thrilling atmosphere, joined by thousands, enhanced by vibrant sight and sound to mark the special occasion and welcome a year of great fortune and positivity. 

In addition to the special décor around OneSiam, visitors can enjoy the elevated shopping experience in ‘OneSiam The Festival of Light’ promotion where all of its departments stores have partnered with leading brands to bring the latest 2019 collections, including lifestyle gift products and accessories, special discounts on selected products, and more promotions to make the event even more special — featuring the promotional draw, for every THB2,000 spent in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, or Siam Discovery, shopper receives one coupon for a chance to win MINI COOPER F56, worth THB2.18 Million or BMW F 800 R, worth THB535,000. Moreover, receive shopping gift cards upon purchasing at set amount according to terms and conditions. Apart from the fun of shopping at OneSiam, enjoy the pleasure of taking photos at various picture-worthy spots before indulging in renowned gourmet and cuisines with more than 200 family-friendly cafés and restaurants to choose from during this festive season.
Let the fun and celebration begin in this festive season, and don’t forget to give memorable gifts to loved ones during ‘OneSiam The Festival of Light’ promotion, starting today – January 6, 2019 at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery.

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