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Korean Air renews IATA ‘CEIV Pharma’ Certification

IATA’s “CEIV Pharma” is an international standard that recognizes an airline’s capability to manage pharmaceuticals.


Korean Air has once again received certification from IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharma (CEIV Pharma), demonstrating its highest service quality and expertise in pharmaceutical transportation.

IATA’s “CEIV Pharma” is an international standard that recognizes an airline’s capability to manage pharmaceuticals. More than 280 checklists, including transportation handling procedure, storage facilities, equipment, and the ability to adhere to regulations, are evaluated by air cargo transportation experts for certification.

Valid for three years, IATA certification requires a demanding evaluation of the airline’s capabilities. After the initial certification in 2019, Korean Air formed a task force in February this year in preparation for recertification.

With over fifty years of experience and expertise in cargo transport, Korean Air provides customized cold chain services for a wide array of products that call for dynamic requirements and conditions. The airline is an expert at safely transporting cargo from the start to the end of the journey, maintaining optimal temperature conditions. The airline is able to transport pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, lab reagents and serums, and fresh products including flowers, fruits, seafood, through its “Specialized-Pharma” and “Specialized-Fresh” services.

Through a joint investment with Incheon International Airport Corporation, the airline operates a “Cool Cargo Center” at the airport’s Terminal 2. Constructed in September 2021, the facility significantly improved the service quality of temperature-sensitive cargo by minimizing exposure to adverse environments and by reducing unnecessary movement and traffic.

The customized special cargo services facilitated the transport of emergency quarantine supplies over the course of the pandemic. Korean Air, in close cooperation with the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), and the Korea Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention – formed a vaccine task force for safe and efficient transportation of COVID vaccines. More than 100 million doses of vaccines have been shipped to date, and the airline continues to transport emergency medical supplies – from COVID treatments and to diagnostic kits – around the world.

Through the recertification of CEIV Pharma, Korean Air expects to enhance customer service quality and strengthen its competitive advantage in the global air cargo market.

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