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All JAL frequent flyer programs remain fully in effect

JAL seeks for its customers’ patronage and support

In a letter addressing to all of its customers JAL is reffering to its current status.

To all our valued customers,

This is to confirm that Japan Airlines is now receiving the support of the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan. To speed up the revitalization, JAL has filed for protection at the Tokyo District Court under Japan’s Corporate Reconstruction Law. As a result of these actions, JAL has secured the funding needed to maintain uninterrupted business operations and to meet the debt service obligations going forward. In addition, all JAL frequent flyer programs remain fully in effect.

JAL Group airline companies will continue to provide safe, reliable air travel services to customers worldwide. Existing JAL Group carrier tickets and reservations, including those for codeshare flights and connecting flights operated by other carriers, remain valid and in effect and new reservations are being accepted and processed normally.  Complimentary coupons issued to shareholders are valid until the original expiry dates and can be used as before.

JAL Mileage Bank services remain unchanged, and customer mileage credits remain fully valid. Mileage can continue to be accumulated or redeemed for awards as in the past, and previously redeemed awards retain their full value. JAL Mileage Bank services will also continue to be offered to all JMB members and JALCARD holders.

JALCARD, JALPAK, JALTOURS, JAL HOTELS and other group companies remain unaffected by recent events and are fully operational.

We would like to express our deepest apologies for the worry caused by the financial situation of JAL and seek your continued patronage and support of JAL and the JAL group companies.

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