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HomeAway reveals travel hot spots for groups and families in 2018 and an appetite for unique holiday accommodations

A majestic 3-bedroom villa perfect for a family getaway in Bali, Indonesia, one of the top travel destinations in 2017.

Taipei, Seoul and Bali top destinations for Singaporean groups and families in 2017; Increasing popularity for Taichung, Fukuoka and Cebu in 2018.

SINGAPORE – HomeAway revealed the most popular travel destinations for Singaporean groups and families in 2017, and the destinations that are set to grow in popularity with travelers this year.

The results are part of the HomeAway Asia 2018 Trend Report, which offers a peek into Singaporeans’ travel destination choices and what they look out for in a holiday home, based on 2017 data from HomeAway.

“Singaporean travelers are increasingly choosing holiday homes because they usually travel in groups with family or friends, and there just isn’t a better fit when it comes to group travel. For as little as under $100 a night per person, you can replicate the warm and cozy atmosphere you get at home, everywhere you go,” said Jude Davidson, Head of Marketing, HomeAway Asia.

The 2018 trend report lists HomeAway’s top destinations; the hottest unique accommodation types, which include treehouses and cabins; and the increasing interest in homes which are pet-friendly or those with well- equipped kitchens and yes, even laundry equipment. The full report is available here

Highlights include:

Top Vacation Destinations In 2017

  • Taipei, Taiwan: Taipei is an interesting city, with a fusion of cultures influenced by China, Japan and America. With beautiful parks like the Guandu Nature Park and the Yingmingshan National Park located in the city, tourists can enjoy a mixture of natural and manmade beauty. In addition, the exquisite quality of food which can be found anywhere from shophouses to night markets make the Taipei experience an amazing one for any Singaporean.
  • Seoul, South Korea: With traditional temples and palaces nestled in between modern buildings, Seoul is an amazing amalgamation of the old and new. Its rich culture and amazing cuisine makes it an attractive destination for Singaporeans, and its efficient transport system will make getting around a breeze. 
  • Bali, Indonesia: Part of the Indonesian archipelago, the gorgeous tropical island of Bali is an amazing place to visit for a short retreat. Priding themselves on warm hospitality, the Balinese go the extra mile in making every experience enriching and unforgettable. Furthermore, with many budget flight options available to Singaporeans, coupled with the short flight duration, it’s easy to see why they love travelling there.

Up-and-coming Vacation Destinations in 2018

HomeAway identified destinations where demand for vacation rental homes grew over the past year (1 January – 31 December 2017)

  • Taichung, Taiwan (+50 percent): Endowed with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery, Taichung is the perfect alternative for Singaporeans looking to escape crowded Taipei. With an abundance of affordable food and amazing shopping districts, Singaporeans are slowly flocking over to this trending destination.
  • Fukuoka, Japan (+25 percent): For Singaporeans who have already visited Tokyo and Osaka, Fukuoka offers an alternative Japanese experience. Home to the annual Hakata Dontaku, a colorful port festival held in summer each year, the region is a hub for traditional Japanese celebrations.
  • Cebu, The Philippines (+25 percent): Drawing almost two million foreign travelers a year, the island of Cebu’s prime attractions are its amazing white-sand beaches and diving spots in areas such as Malapascua and Moalboal, providing the perfect escape from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore. When Singaporeans aren’t getting their tan on at the beaches, Cebu City also provides entertainment with its dynamic nightlife and delicious restaurants.   

Cabins, Treehouses and Villas – The Hottest Alternative Accommodations

HomeAway has seen growing interest in unique accommodation types, with treehouses and cabins piquing the curiosity of travelers. With even more unique accommodation options being added to HomeAway’s inventory every day, travelers can easily opt for a vacation that is truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Key Features Travelers are Looking For. In addition to wanting a property that’s value-for-money, HomeAway found that Singaporeans also searched for homes which were pet-friendly and had a kitchen, suggesting that they wanted to replicate a warm, family setting – even when on vacation.
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