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HomeAway: Interest in vacation rentals grew exponentially in Asia over past year

Data collected across five Asian markets between July 2016 – June 2017 reveals travel behavior of fast-growing Asian vacation rental segment.

Singapore – The fast-growing Asian vacation rental segment is showing no signs of slowing down. According to site traffic data from HomeAway, the world leader in vacation rentals, interest in its vacation rentals across Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan more than doubled, with inbound site traffic from these markets growing an average of 133 per cent between July 2016 and June 2017. Traffic growth during this period was most significant in Japan (>200 per cent), Taiwan (>160 per cent) and Hong Kong (>120 per cent).

It comes as no surprise that Asian travelers are warming up to the concept of vacation rentals because renting a whole vacation home is the perfect way for groups and families to travel. Travelers are discovering that, for often the same cost as a hotel stay, you are likely to get far more space and amenities like kitchens and private pools, all without compromising your privacy,” said Jude Davidson, Head of Marketing, HomeAway Asia.

For the first time, HomeAway also released data that revealed the travel behavior of travelers from key markets, painting a picture of the Asian vacation rental traveler.

PLANNING: Asian vacation rental travelers tended to book their accommodation a month in advance of their stay (27.2 days on average)
GROUP SIZE: Asian vacation rental travelers tended to travel as a group of between 3 – 4 guests (3.4 guests on average)
LENGTH OF STAY: Asian vacation rental travelers tended to stay an average of 3 nights per holiday (2.53 nights on average)

Key Findings from Singapore

  • Inbound site traffic from Singapore grew by 66 per cent from the year before
  • Apart from staycations, top destinations for Singaporeans who booked accommodation on HomeAway included Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia.

Key Findings from Malaysia

  • Inbound site traffic from Malaysia grew by 99 per cent from the year before
  • Malaysians tended to travel in the largest group sizes, averaging 4.85 guests per stay, far exceeding the Asian average of 3.4 guests per stay

Key Findings from Hong Kong

  • Inbound site traffic from Hong Kong grew by 122 per cent from the year before
  • Across Asia, travelers from Hong Kong planned their holidays furthest ahead, booking their HomeAways 45.4 days before their holidays, approximately 40 per cent longer than the regional average of 27.2 days
  • Staycations were least popular among Hongkongers, with only 13 percent of bookings made for domestic travel, compared to the regional average of 60 percent

Key Findings from Taiwan

  • Inbound site traffic from Taiwan grew by 163 per cent from the year before
  • Domestic travels were the most popular among Taiwanese travelers who booked trips on HomeAway, with a whopping 94 per cent traveling domestically

Key Findings from Japan

  • Inbound site traffic from Japan grew by 214 per cent from the year before
  • Japanese travelers tended to travel in smaller groups (2.64 persons) compared to the regional average (3.4 persons)
  • As with the Taiwanese, Japanese travelers who booked trips on HomeAway tended to travel domestically (71 per cent)

*Data was collected across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan in the period of July 2016 to June 2017 

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