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Guam announces new celebrity Guam representative in Japan

The Governor of Guam Felix P. Camacho and the Guam Visitors Bureau hosted a special reception at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel Ball Room on Thursday, June 19 to recognize one of Japan’s best-loved movie stars and performers, Hiroshi Tachi, as our island’s new representative in Japan. Tachi, who has starred in 19 movies and released 20 albums in his country, has visited Guam several times and considers the island one of his favorite vacation destinations.

An audience of nearly 300 watched as Tachi was presented with the title Guam Ambassador at Large by Governor Camacho, including Japanese government officials Nobuteru Ishihara, a representative in Japan’s House of Representatives, Chairman of Federation of Tokyo Metropolitan Liberal Democratic Party (LDP); Hirotake Ishihara, Okiharu Yasuoka, Yoshitaka Murata, Japanese politicians of the LDP, members of the House of Representatives in the Diet; and Tsukasa Akimoto a Japanese politician of the LDP, a member of the House of Councilors in the Diet. Also in the attendance were members of the Guam delegation, including First Lady Joanne Camacho, GVB Chairman David Tydingco, Miss Guam Tourism Tiffany de Gracia, along with representatives from the Japanese Media, travel agencies, and airlines.

Chairman Tydingco spoke about our island’s efforts to promote the intrinsic natural beauty of Guam and to enhance services aimed at solidifying Guam’s position as a destination that appeals to a broad segment of visitors. He also stressed the advantages of the island’s location and our finest characteristics to further attract seniors and executive travelers.

Speaking about Hiroshi Tachi’s appointment as Ambassador At-Large, Governor Camacho praised the actor’s combination of style and vigor, naming him the ideal spokesperson to promote the island’s “Luxury Guam” image. In addition, Governor Camacho shared his high expectations for Tachi’s success as Ambassador At-Large, to improve Japan’s perception of Guam as a quality destination.

Tachi and Governor Camacho have been acquainted for many years, since Tachi, a frequent visitor to Guam, was a guest at the Governor’s residence. Over the years, Tachi and Governor Camacho have become good friends sharing an avid love of golf and Guam, which provided a warm and friendly atmosphere for the inauguration ceremony, which was deemed a huge success. The Guam Visitors Bureau will continue its efforts to nurture good relations with Japan and is looking forward to increased market share with Hiroshi Tachi as Guam’s new representative.