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Good doctor technology Thailand launches HSaaS model

GDTT aims to continue bridging existing healthcare accessibility gaps in Thailand through their B2B partnership arrangements.

BANGKOK – Good Doctor Technology Thailand (GDTT), a subsidiary of Good Doctor Technology (GDT), a regional health-tech company with the vision of providing ‘One Doctor for One Family in SEA’, announced the launch of its novel Healthcare Software as a Service (HSaaS) proposition. This technology-driven initiative marks the firm’s latest move to strengthen their B2B partnership offerings which will include plug-in solutions for mobile and web-based platforms. As part of the HSaaS model, GDTT will be able to host its telemedicine and digital health services directly within their partners’ platform ecosystem. By enabling platform owners to seamlessly add GDTT’s telemedicine functionalities to their own mobile or web-based platforms, GDTT aims to continue bridging existing healthcare accessibility gaps in Thailand through their B2B partnership arrangements. In recognition of the growing demands by Thai organizations for accessible smart healthcare management solutions, GDT aims to lower traditional integration barriers by tapping on their wealth of cross-region experiences and best practices. Apart from contributing to the mass adoption of telemedicine, GDTT’s HSaaS plug-in proposition will also support the overall advancement in Thailand’s health tech market.

Designed to give users access to high quality medical services when they are feeling unwell and supporting them to stay healthy, more people in Thailand will have access to GDTT’s full-time employed doctors who have been specially trained to deliver high standards of virtual consultations. Upon successful account registration, users can get connected to GDTT’s in-
house doctors within 60 seconds, complete their virtual consultation and receive a diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Upon receiving user’s confirmation, prescription grade medication will be electronically transacted from the e-pharmacy within 15 minutes. In less than 60 minutes, they will receive their medications delivered at their homes. Beyond telemedicine and sick care offerings, GDT aims to unlock more digital possibilities by exploring holistic approaches in caring for patients
throughout their wellness journey as well.

Melvin Vu, Regional CEO of Good Doctor Technology, said: “Super-apps which offer an “all- in-one” seamlessly integrated service in a single ecosystem are on the rise across Southeast Asia. Coupled with the easing of COVID-19 measures and many Asian economies re-opening after pandemic lockdowns, companies across industries including the tourism sector have
already started to shift away from building single-purpose to multipurpose apps. The demand for a wide variety of health and wellness functionalities also points to the growing reliance on telemedicine services to support proactive long term wellness care requirements, especially in the new normal era. We see our HSaaS proposition as a digital front door for long-term health
and wellbeing management and believe that the further deployment of our HSaaS will drive up the demand for more technology-backed health solutions by the general public across nations

Earlier this year, GDTT successfully completed its first HSaaS initiative, where its telemedicine services has been announced as one of the key features within the newly launched integrated digital health platform, “SPRING UP” application. The new health app was developed in partnership with SCB DBank (a digital banking agency under Siam Commercial Bank), and Mahidol University. Currently, apart from GDTT’s telemedicine services, the “SPRING UP” app covers 2 other major areas: Food and Fitness. By integrating GDTT’s telemedicine functionality into the Spring Up app, users of the new app can get access to their online medical consultation service with an unlimited chat system. Upon giving consent to GDTT terms & conditions, SCB Spring Up app users can gain immediate access to their virtual consultation services without re- entering their basic information. Instead, this information (which serves as an industry regulatory requirement for building users’ digital medical profiles), is automatically fetched from the “SPRING UP” app via encrypted data sharing APIs, allowing users to start their teleconsultation sessions with a Good Doctor immediately.

Dr. Chalee Asavathiratham, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Banking Officer of SCB DBANK, said: “Good Doctor Technology Thailand provided us with a perfect plug-in solution which we needed for the “SPRING UP” project in order to create a comprehensive digital lifestyle ecosystem. Digital health platforms are the future, and they will become increasingly popular among health-conscious users. We hope that by the end of 2022, more than 1 million people will have downloaded the app.”

Dr. Sudihichai Chokekijchai, Head of Medical Team of Good Doctor Technology Thailand (GDTT), said: “Observing the growth of health-related concerns worldwide following the Covid- 19 pandemic, we can see that the demand for telehealth features on the rise. The increasing reliance for telehealth services is a very important trend with promising long-term potentials, where new areas of virtual care can be further explored — from proactive health management and wellness advice to chronic diseases or health plans, as well as potential collaborations with insurance companies to jointly develop integrated health packages. With strong partnerships with like-minded industry leaders such as SCB DBank, we believe more people in Thailand will have access to the unique experience of accessible and effective digital healthcare solutions”.

Apart from Thailand, GDT has observed a growing demand for agile platform integration services across industries in Southeast Asia. In response to this trend, GDT’s regional operations has expanded their capabilities to spearhead more technology integration projects to successfully deploy their existing digital health technologies into other company’s platforms.
With deep product knowledge and technical expertise, GDT adopts a seamless and straightforward integration approach with partners to support cross-industry organisations in prioritising the health of their user communities.

HSaaS will soon be a critical part in shaping the future of healthcare across SEA. By harnessing the power of digital health technologies, long term health management approaches will be further revolutionized. In addition, our technology can provide the foundation for more advanced technological implementations, including AI deployment and Big Data.

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