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“Gimje Horizon Festival” is held with ‘Limitless Horizon, Endless Excitement’

Gimje Horizon Festival is full of hands-on experiences showcasing Korean traditional farming culture.

SEOUL, South Korea – Celebrating its 19th anniversary in 2017, Gimje Horizon Festival has been selected as Korea’s representative festival, having been recognized as Korea’s best festival by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for 8 consecutive years since 2004. Gimje was also named a global festival city by the International Festivals and Events Association(IFEA) in 2011.

Gimje Horizon Festival is held in the vicinity of Gimje for 5 days between September 20 and 24, centering on Byeokgolje reservoir, which has kept the tradition and history of Korea’s farming culture well. It will be a venue for introducing Gimje’s unique local culture derived from Korea’s farming culture. The festival is full of hands-on experience events and things to see and enjoy, showcasing Korean culture at its finest.

This year’s festival offers 60 events in 6 categories under the theme of “Limitless Horizon, Endless Excitement“. It features the essence of Korean farming culture with keywords such as passion, love, hope, fun, and memory.

Among the events, “Ssangyoungnori game (competing two dragons)“, Gimje’s representative folk play created by adding action, mobility, and artistry to Byeokgolje’s traditional folktale, is enjoying great popularity each year. “Rope pulling contest on the standing stone” and “Byeokgolje Torch parade“, which have been transmitted for several generations, wish for abundant harvest in Gimje.

This year’s festival will be an overnight stay type by strengthening nighttime programs. Events such as Can Fire Game, Sky Lantern Flying Event, and “Horizon Lantern Lighting of Love” – wherein moving messages are exchanged between family members and lovers – will be held. One of the events to watch out is the presentation of an eco-forest, which tells a folktale about the construction of Byeokgolje Reservoir.

Other programs such as “Healing City Tour Bus“, which offers a tour of famous tourist spots, as well as “Let’s Go to the Rice Farming Experience Village“, which provides hands-on farming experiences in a village, are operated to induce tourists to visit farming villages.

At tourist places, eating local foods is a must-try. Gimje’s specialties include: tender, juicy beef from hanu (Korean native cattle) fed with green barley, refreshing noodle soup with cockles and set menu with clams in the vicinity of Simpohang Port, and reasonably priced meal.

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