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A country that offers adventure and culture in a child friendly environment

Family tourism in Tanzania growing rapidly

Family tourism in Tanzania continues to grow as it caters to families who want more than just the typical vacation. According to award winning tour operators, Tanzania is the most family friendly country for safaris.

Dr. Aloyce K. Nzuki, Managing Director, the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) says, “Tanzanian culture is about family and it is only natural for Tanzania to be such a welcoming place for families coming to visit.” Tanzanian people are warm and friendly. The country, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is an oasis of peace and stability with a democratically elected and stable government.

In the past year, The Africa Adventure Company, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida booked over 100 families for a Tanzania safari. There are many different Tanzania safaris to choose from, and each one offers a unique experience. Whether you want to see the big five animals up close, or explore the country’s stunning landscapes, there is a safari to suit everyone. Mark Nolting, President noted, “The family programs of the Africa Adventure Company are carefully planned to give guests a total overall experience of Africa, including wildlife, culture and meeting the people and children of Tanzania. On these safaris, they ensure that there are child-friendly guides and that the itineraries are well-paced for children. My wife and I have taken our two boys (now 17 and 14) on over 14 safaris.”

“We have been bringing families to Tanzania for 30 years,” said Rick Thomson, Co-founder and Co-director of Boston-based Thomson Safaris. “Each year, more and more parents are experiencing Tanzania’s wonders and seeing why it is such a wonderful place to bring their children. For families, a safari to Tanzania is a chance to get away from the trappings of our normal day to day lives and to expand horizons, break stereotypes, immerse the family in nature and cultures that will amaze them and “touch” them forever. It is Tanzania that provides the most incredible backdrop for a family safari.”

Rick Thomson adds, “”Our safaris are crafted with families in mind…a different pace, a Tanzanian mentor, stops for fun at lodges with swimming pools, soccer at our tented camps, footprint identification, Swahili lessons, hip Tanzanian music, child friendly food, topped off with the most incredible wildlife viewing on earth.”

Accommodations and activities contribute greatly to the perfect family safari. Activities include interacting with local children and taking family trips to villages and schools. Many hotels provide accommodations that are crafted specifically for families such as having an onsite nanny, providing a guide that is great with children and a safe environment to be able to walk off camp and look at nature.

Kent Redding, President, Africa Adventure Consultants adds, ““The key ingredients for a successful family safari are great game viewing, family-friendly accommodations and lots of traditional culture, and Tanzania has all three in abundance. Plus it has wonderful attractions like beautiful white sand beaches and warm oceans. We have run family safaris to Tanzania for 10 years and we’ve taken our own family there, and I can safely say that these tours provide fun for the whole family -from kids as young as two or three to kids at heart in their seventies. We’ve even had multigenerational families -grandpa, mom, dad and younger kids- climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.”

US tour operators selling Tanzania are introducing specials and deals on family safaris as the demand increases. ET African Journeys, a Group IST Company and the official tour operator of Ethiopian Airlines, New York based tour operator is offering a special on family safaris which include two children for free with a purchase of four adult land safaris.

An increased number of Tanzania lodges are putting a priority on family friendly accommodations and activities. These include Tarangire Safari Lodge and Tarangire Treetops in Tarangire National Park, Gibbs Farm, Ngorongoro Farm House and Ngorongoro Manor House in Karatu and Ngorongoro.

Singita Grumeti Reserves, a luxury property in the Serengeti, recently announced that Sasakwa and Faru Faru lodges are now open for children of all ages. “Singita has always been a favorite of families with older children because we understand their specific needs. Recently we are experiencing increasing demand for family travel with kids of all ages and as such, have reviewed our “children Policy” to ensure that we are adapting to this growing market segment.” Lindy Rousseau, Chief Marketing Officer Singita Game Reserves.

Tanzania is full of culture, historical sites, and adventure. It is the home of the tallest mountain in Africa, the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro, The Serengeti, home to the “Great Animal Migration” and the world acclaimed Ngorongoro Crater, often called the 8th Wonder of the World. For those who love white sandy beaches, there is Zanzibar. Zanzibar, also known as “the spice islands” is located along the Indian Ocean, off the coast of mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar and was named one of “41 Places to Go in 2011” by the New York Times. Stone Town, the historic port city of Zanzibar Island, is a World Heritage Site and a major cultural attraction.