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Destination Image Evaluation; 11 experts tackle 23 questions on this topic in `Eclipse`

The latest issue of `Eclipse`, the free e-periodical for Destination Marketers, focuses on Destination Image Evaluation…

The latest issue of `Eclipse`, the free e-periodical for Destination Marketers, focuses on Destination Image Evaluation. A more thorough airing of this topic may be hard to find in any other publication.

Although destination marketers have traditionally worried about the five Ps (product, price, promotion, place and people) it is the sixth – Perception, on the uncontrollable demand side, that gives them their biggest headaches.

In ECLIPSE 9 eleven tourism academics and practitioners tackle 11 key questions on image: What is `the image` of a destination? Is destination image typically homogeneous or fragmented? Do destinations have multiple images or a single image? How is the image of a destination formed? What factors contribute most to destination image; are these common to all destinations? Is there a hierarchy of image forming factors? Which are the strongest? Should marketers work with image typologies (e.g. culture, sun-sea-sand) or a unique image for each destination? What are the main image types? How would you evaluate destination image? Is destination image measurable? What are its dimensions? Why and how should marketers make use of image measurement?

In `Eclipse` 10, which comes out in October, the experts continue, with views on:

  • How to get a snapshot image of a destination.
  • Whether image measurement should be quantitative or qualitative.
  • How to compare images in a single market.
  • How often to measure destination image.
  • Whether Tourist Offices can control and manage a destination`s image.
  • Whether the effects of destination marketing on image can be distinguished.
  • How a destination can change its image.
  • Whether different images can be created for specific markets.
  • Perception is what matters; self-image is unimportant.
  • The role of image in decision-making and destination choice.
  • Whether an image is necessary for a destination to promote itself.
  • The difference between destination image and brand.

ECLIPSE is a periodic technical publication devoted to destination marketing for tourism practitioners and academics. Each issue analyses a single destination marketing topic in detail; usually with contributions from international experts.

Primarily targeted at Official Tourist Offices but also with a strong academic following, `Eclipse` is published by Madrid based destination marketing agency Moonshine Travel Marketing. Moonshine`s director Chris Pomeroy explains, `Eclipse` is free. It carries no advertisements or banners. It is simply an open forum and meeting point for our own organisation, our clients and anybody else who shares our interest in destination marketing. We have always, enjoyed discussing destination marketing theory internally but now Internet has allowed us to invite colleagues from around the world to participate in these debates.

`Eclipse` is edited by Ivan Polunin who has a distinguished career in destination marketing and tourism academia.

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