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“Come Explore Taipei” promotion campaigning in Southeast Asia at the MATTA FAIR Travel Exhibition

Internet celebrity with million followers inviting travellers to “Come Explore Taipei”.

Taipei, Taiwan – In recent years the Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT) has been actively operating in the Singapore/Malaysia and larger Southeast Asia market. Overcoming the various obstacles this year, Taipei is on the march campaigning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, participating in the MATTA FAIR travel exhibition being staged September 2 to 4, showcasing Taipei’s beauties for the world to enjoy.

Taipei was ranked second in the 2021 Global Muslim Travel Index. Not only is it home to more than 70 Muslim-friendly attractions – it also offers numerous Muslim-friendly certified restaurants and mosques. On this occasion the well-known Muslim actor and Internet celebrity Yana Samsudin, followed by a million fans, has been invited to the exhibition, sharing her Taipei travel experiences while leading everyone on an unpacking of the attractive and fun Taipei Pavilion.

Responding to the new post-pandemic trends in traveller preferences, we planned 5 new ways to come and play in Taipei with full peace of mind. These are: “Peace of Mind Nature Fun / Peace of Mind Cultural-Creativity / Peace of Mind Festival Celebrations / Peace of Mind Work on the Road / Peace of Mind Good Foods.” Taipei is one of the world’s few eco-cities featuring natural landscapes; if looking for in-depth understanding of the Taipei culture, there are numerous cultural-creative enclaves to experience; if hankering for fireworks and a romantic Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve party, Taipei has a lineup of unique festivals spanning the four seasons.

At this year’s exhibition, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is being specially promoted, which is returning to its founding place, Taipei, after a 23-year absence. This year’s Christmas and New Year’s activities will serve as preludes for the Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival. The 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival will present to the wide world the bright and colourful charms of Taipei at night.

From the urban to the natural, from daytime into the night, from the delicious landscapes to the delicious foods. All are filled with unexpected new discoveries. Whether a Malaysian traveller thinking of visiting Taipei for the first time, or planning a return visit, new “Undiscovered Taipei” city charms are guaranteed.

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