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“Colorful Tokyo – Explore & Color” offers colorful all-age adventure

Coloring for all ages and the chance to explore hidden gems are hallmarks of Colorful Cities books.

SEATTLE – Colorful Cities is going global. After the success of “Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color” book, the next coloring book and travel guide takes kids and adults to Japan. “Colorful Tokyo – Explore & Color” was recently published by Colorful Cities to offer a new view of the world.
More than a coloring book and more than a way to explore a new city, “Colorful Tokyo – Explore & Color” includes a map of Tokyo with both major landmarks and hidden gems. Colorers of all ages can explore the culture and traditions of Japan through the illustrations of Tokyo scenes.
Whether you’re planning a trip to Tokyo or just want to learn more about its fantastic culture and interesting traditions, ‘Colorful Tokyo – Explore & Color’ provides the perfect opportunity to explore some fabulous sites and unique cultural elements,” said Laura Lahm, Colorful Cities Chief Explorer. “We provide the lines, and you create the art. This is a creative way to explore Tokyo, whether you’ve lived there your whole life, are visiting or simply want to discover an amazing city.
With 30 beautiful illustrations and descriptions of magnificent Tokyo sites and a map organized around the Yamanote JR Train Line, “Colorful Tokyo – Explore & Color” makes exploring Tokyo easy. URLs are also listed for most locations and location titles are in both English and Japanese.
We heard great feedback from kids after the publication of our first book but were pleasantly surprised to learn that adults were purchasing for themselves as well. Coloring is truly for all ages and many adults find it a great way to relax and create something beautiful,” Lahm added. “We also believe that exploring goes beyond just discovering a new place to include new food, people, culture and more. That’s what our books are all about.
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