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404 branches will use the company’s new trackable single use luggage tags

Co-operative Travel Stores signs new deal with CallUma

Retail giant co-operative Travel Stores has signed a new deal with travel services experts CallUma which means that its 404 branches will use the company’s new trackable single use luggage tags.

All new orders from the Co-operative Travel Stores are now being fulfilled with the new single trip luggage tags provided by CallUma – with the group’s Future Travel Homeworking divison to follow suit.

The single-trip tags provide an incremental revenue stream for agents as they earn commission when customers pay to activate the tracking and identity protection services. The tags have been fully branded with the Co-operative Travel Stores’ livery.

The tags feature the newly trademarked icon, which is a key designed to be easily recognised by baggage handlers worldwide.  This means that the tracking service can work in conjunction with the airlines’ own tracking and bar-coding systems at no more than the price of a phone call to airlines and baggage handling agents alike.

CallUma works with leading tour operators and travel agents and will have more than one million tags in use by the end of September this year.

Founder Tony Partridge explains: “Our luggage tracking services are available worldwide, 24 hours a day, so it doesn’t matter where customers are flying to or what time zone they are in, there will always be someone available to help reunite them with their bags. Plus the customer can arrange for the most convenient location for their bags to be returned to – either their holiday destination or back at home.

“The system also safeguards personal information. Normal luggage tags require you to write your address and phone numbers on your luggage, increasing the risk of identity fraud and home security. Because we use a unique tracking number to track bags, your personal information is secure.

“CallUma’s trackable luggage tags saw 98% of missing bags reunited with their owner over the summer – over average 50 missing items were reported each month.”

Trevor Davis, Co-operative Travel Stores’ director of retail distribution, said: “We are delighted to date at the response from our customers to this new, yet important, initiative”.

CallUma already provides an out-of-hours customer services function for Medinland and Escape, this has been extended to cover Co-operative Travel Stores too. This means the branches will be able to use CallUma’s extensive and knowledgeable team to answer out-of-hours calls 24 hours a day in more than 100 languages, providing both their customers and staff peace of mind.

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