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Chinese travelling the globe

The Chinese are now taking the opportunity to pack their suitcases more often and travel the …

The Chinese are now taking the opportunity to pack their suitcases more often and travel the globe. Incomes are rising in China, and the Chinese are discovering the joys of more leisure time. The official working week in China has been shortened from six to five days, and national one-week holidays three times a year enable the Chinese to travel on a more frequent basis. The Netherlands can also expect to welcome a huge flow of visitors from China in the coming years. To prepare for a trip to the Low Countries, Chinese tourists can get an excellent impression of all the attractions our country has to offer at the first edition of the World Travel Fair in Shanghai. A total of 40 countries will be displaying their products and attractions at this exhibition, which takes place from the 19th to the 22nd of February 2004.

The initiative for the World Travel Fair comes from VNU Exhibitions Asia, daughter of VNU Exhibitions Europe, one of the leading trade fair and exhibition organisers in Europe and the driving force behind the successful Vakantiebeurs in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. The concept of this incredibly popular consumer event, which recently held a successful 33rd edition in the Jaarbeurs complex in Utrecht, guarantees the equal success of this event in China. Entries from the Netherlands include Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, KLM, The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions and Madurodam.

Enormous potential

VNU Exhibitions Asia was already aware of the enormous potential for the tourism sector in China and the impressive growth figures underline the optimistic expectations for the World Travel Fair 2004. In 2001 6.95 million Chinese travelled abroad, a massive 23.3% increase compared to 2000. According to reliable estimates from the World Travel Organization, the number of travellers with destinations outside China is expected to grow explosively to no less than 100 million in 2020.

Growth market

This huge growth offers unlimited chances for the international tourism sector and other organisations wishing to profit from this growth market. Various countries have already been granted the Authorized Travel Destination Status (ADS), which grants permission for international and Chinese tour operators to co-operate and offer organised group tours. Many more countries are in talks with the Chinese authorities to obtain this coveted approval.

Top three

VNU Exhibitions Asia already has a proven track record of organising trade fairs and exhibitions in China and is one of the top three fair organisers in Shanghai. The World Travel Fair is another example of an exhibition with international allure.

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