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Cel Tours grows internationally

One of the more successful outgoing Greek tour operators is Cel Tours, founded in the 1970…

One of the more successful outgoing Greek tour operators is Cel  Tours, founded in the 1970’s and managed by Mary and Panos Soulis . It specializes in long-haul holidays, taking clients to exotic destinations halfway around the world. Within a two year period Cel has doubled its clientele to over 14.000 and has grown internationally as well.
In April of this year the company organized a subsidiary, Cel Tours Thailand, to handle guided foreign groups, thus far from Japan, Singapore, Germany and Cyprus. In 1999 Cel was designated as the Best International Tour Operator by Thailand, and today handles some 60% of the outgoing Greek tourist market to Asia. Coincidentally, 60% of its clientele chooses Asia as a holiday destination.
The balance of 40% of Cel clients are aimed primarily at Mexico and Cuba, some 5,000 a year. Mrs. Soulis finds the Greek tourists good spenders, and fun people, but believes they should better informed regarding chosen destinations prior to departure in order to enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

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