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Amadeus mission-ready for China

Amadeus is mission-ready for China, said Olivier Froger, director, product management (Asia/Pacific) in…

Amadeus is mission-ready for China, said Olivier Froger, director, product management (Asia/Pacific) in Amadeus` Nice office.

Froger said Amadeus has been told the Chinese government is ready to open the doors for discussions between foreign-owned GDSs like Amadeus and China`s BSP this July.

We have a ready central ticketing system which we developed for the China market in 1999. Once we are given the go-ahead, we can turn it on immediately, said Froger.

Amadeus` team in Bangkok has also been prepped to take on the China market once the doors open.

Froger said, however, changes may have to be made to revalidate the system if discussions with BSP show that some rules have changed.

Also, the rate of demand growth in China would be difficult to predict, given that travel agents in China would have to get a license before they can issue tickets from a foreign-owned GDS. It is something we can`t control, said Froger.

This therefore creates a challenge for Amadeus to anticipate the demand and to match the resources to support the market.

The challenge for Amadeus would be to slot in the required resources at the time the door opens for us to bring up the system, said Froger.

We don`t want to be caught in a situation where we don`t have enough resources to support our entry into China, said Froger.

Froger said first-mover advantage would be important to enter China to create an impact in the market, not just with the travel agent subscribers, but also the airlines.

Amadeus, said Froger, wants to enter China with all its three business lines – Travel Distribution Systems, IT services and E-travel.

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