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Adventure tourism China’s latest travel trend

I came back alive – Jiang Yanxin from Xi’an sent this short message to her friends after her five-day walking tour on…

I came back aliveJiang Yanxin from Xi’an sent this short message to her friends after her five-day walking tour on Mt Taibai in north China’s Qinling range.

Like Jiang, hordes of people equipped with sleeping bags, tents, medicine and food, went into the mountains seeking adventure and to enjoy the natural scenery during the week-long National Day holidays which ended on October 7.

Statistics released by the tourism administration of Shaanxi Province indicate that during this month’s break tourist numbers on adventure tours to Mt Cuihua in Shaanxi were six times more than last year.

Jiang described her adventure as exciting and well-planned. Together with several others she started to climb Mt Taibai from the north slope on October 1. Three days later, they reached the snow-clad peak at 3,400 meters high and spent a sleepless but exhilarating night there.

As an experienced DIY (do-it-yourself) tourist, she prepared well for her adventure beforehand by buying necessities and renting climbing gear.

Kang Lifeng, deputy director of the local Tourism Bureau said more and more Chinese were trying the new tourism trend of seeking adventure in the wild. It was a dramatic change from a decade ago when people flocked to traditional tourist destinations mainly featuring Chinese history and culture.

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