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“Designer Mini Bar”

A new concept by X2 Resorts

Always pushing the envelope in a constant search for innovative ideas and experiences, the “Designer Mini Bar” has been conceptualized following comments and feedback from guests indicating a real need to provide a service that allows guests to “choose what they want in their mini bar” rather than “what the resort thinks they might need”

On arrival at the resort all guests are offered a list of items from which they choose accordingly and have them delivered to their villas with additional items able to be ordered any time during their stay. The “Designer Mini Bar” features a wide selection of snacks and drinks -many of them Thai specialties specially chosen to ensure that the local Thai economy is supported generously and furthermore, the philosophy of all X2 Resorts is to ensure that no price gauging takes place. This ensures that guests receive excellent value for money, allowing their mini bar to be stocked with items they choose at prices that are not over inflated like many other 5 star resort mini bars.

X2 Resorts continues to strive to develop new ways to stand out from the rest and avoid the “cookie cutter” mould that so many other resorts within Thailand have fallen into. They were the first in the industry to launch the arrival SMS concept where all guests receive an SMS message from the resort just prior to their arrival offering a greeting and telephone number to call in any event that they require assistance while traveling to the resort.

The “Designer Mini Bar” concept is a continuation of the X2 philosophy that sees changes being made in line with guests wants and needs in an ever changing hospitality environment which requires constant adaptation and out of the box remedies that enhance customer satisfaction.

X2 Resorts Operations manager Mr. J. Paul Snow says “It is important for us to seek new ways to be unique, to separate us from the rest. These small innovative changes show that we are listening to our guest’s comments and feedback and taking action to make their stay more personal and more memorable. This is our way to remain competitive within the tourism market in Thailand and to stay true to the X2 philosophy – if we talk the talk we must deliver the talk in real action.”